What Do We Believe?

Obviously, this is not an exaustive list, but here below are the main beliefs, as a church, that we hold to.

  • We believe that there is only one living and true God who exists eternally in three persons; The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that The Bible is the complete and inspired Word of God and sufficient authority in all matters of the Christian faith and life.
  • We believe that man was created by God to know, enjoy and serve Him, but man rejected Him and brought suffering, misery and guilt upon all of creation.
  • We believe that The Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ to earth to restore us to Himself by paying the penalty for our sin through His death and resurrection.
  • We believe the only way to be saved (go to heaven) is through Jesus Christ.
  • We believe the Holy Spirit indwells every believer, equipping us with spiritual gifts for the common good.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is coming again to our world as He promised in order to judge all the people and take believers to be with Him. Until then we should live for Him.
  • We believe this World, and the whole Universe, was created by God The Father,through Jesus The Son, with the power of The Holy Spirit, as the Bible teaches.
  • We believe in a global flood, where Noah took his family, and 2 of every kind of animal, and 7 of every clean animal aboard the Ark, as commanded by The Lord.

Latest Sermon

9th December 2018
Pastor Haydn Sennitt
"Spiritual Warfare - Dealing with Generational Sin."
Our Address
  • 2 Eddie Avenue
  • Panania NSW 2213
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Coming Events

Tuesday 11/12/2018
7:30 pm
Ladies Bible Study.
At the church

Wednesday 12/12/2018
10:00 am
Seniors Bible Study.
At the church

Wednesday 12/12/2018
7:30 pm
Generation-X Bible Study.
At the church

Thursday 13/12/2018
9:30 am
Seniors Group.
This Week: Come along to find out.
At the church

Sunday 16/12/2018
10:00 am
Church Service.
At the church