Who Are The Congregationalists?

Congregational Churches, such as GRCC, are Christian churches with an emphasis on the independence of the local church. Although independent we do share a relationship with other congregational churches in Australia through the Fellowship of Congregational Churches (FCC) and in the world through the Evangelical Congregational Fellowship.

Churches not wishing to join in the Uniting Church union in Australia formed this Australian Fellowship of Congregational Churches in 1977.

Although we have a desire to be appropriate and contemporary in the 21st Century, the Congregational Church has a rich heritage since its formation in the 16th Century within the Independent Puritans, who broke away from the state controlled Church of England. We arrived in Australia within a decade of the First Fleet.

A contemporary church, with a rich heritage, GRCC desires to be founded and anchored on the Sovereign Word of the Living God. Then apply it effectively to everyday situations and life experiences with truth and clarity allowing people to know and understand the relevance, concern and love an eternal God has for them in the 21st Century.

Latest Sermon

30th December 2018
Pastor Haydn Sennitt
"Spiritual Warfare - Leaving Your Cave."
Our Address
  • 2 Eddie Avenue
  • Panania NSW 2213
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Coming Events

Wednesday 16/1/2019
7:30 pm
Generation-X Bible Study.
At the church

Thursday 17/1/2019
9:30 am
Seniors Group.
This Week: Come along to find out.
At the church

Sunday 20/1/2019
10:00 am
Church Service.
At the church

Tuesday 22/1/2019
7:30 pm
Ladies Bible Study.
At the church

Wednesday 23/1/2019
10:00 am
Seniors Bible Study.
At the church