Here you will find some links to other web sites that we either have an affiliation with or that we believe has content worth looking at.  There are links to other Churches web sites, and to our Congregational denomination.

What Resources Do You Recommend?

This is not an exaustive list, but here below are some helpful resources:

  • 'The Pilgrim's Progress' by John Bunyan. This allegorical story about a Christian on his way to Heaven is a compelling and sobering reminder of how we can get to the end of our journey and not give up.
  • 'Desiring God' by John Piper. Being a Christian is not just about being saved and then awaiting Heaven; it's about becoming more like Jesus. How do we do this? How do we LOVE God much more from our HEARTS, and not merely our heads? This book will help you.
  • 'The Great Omission', by Dallas Willard. At the end of Matthew (29:19-20), Jesus tells His disciples to go an make disciples of all nations. But how can WE make others into disciples if we ourselves are not living as disciples? Dallas Willard explores how we can BE disciples in order to MAKE disciples.
  • 'Who I Am in Christ' by Neil Anderson. If you want to overcome sin in your life as a Christian, you must be grounded in your identity as a Christian. Who are you in Christ? This book will help you to stand firm in your identity.
  • 'Morning & Evening devotion' by Charles H Spurgeon. This book has some poweful, vivid, short devotions for both the mornings and the evenings of each day, written in the evocative and powerful words of the late preacher, Charles Spurgeon. It's a treasure that never stops giving.
  • 'The Battle Plan for Prayer' by Stephen and Alex Kendrick. The men who wrote this book made a movie about prayer called 'The War Room'. But HOW do we pray? Have you ever been taught how to do it PROPERLY? Here is a practical, timely, succinct and straightforward book on how to pray.
  • 'Dangerous Calling', by Paul David Tripp. Christians, especially pastors, can dangerously think they have 'arrived' at God's grace and no longer need to hear it. But if we think like that, we come cold-hearted, legalistic, and hypocritical. So how can we change this? 'Dangerous Calling' is an excellent resource to help.
  • 'Lectures to My Students', by Charles Spurgeon. How is a person to enter ministry? What are the dangers and how do you get around them? Spurgeon's book is an excellent resource, for both pastor and layman alike.

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