How Did Georges River Congregational Church Come to Exist?

In February 2001, Panania Congregational Church and Milperra Congregational Church became one, and Georges River Congregational Church (GRCC) was born. Prior to this happening, both churches were struggling with keeping attendees, and neither had a Pastor. Thus both were what would be considered "dying" churches. However, a suggestion was brought to both churches that we should amalgamate and create a new church body, and so the two merged to become one. The next step was to find a man willing to pastor such a church. That man, called by God, was Bruce Capps.

In April 2014, Pastor Bruce was called to move on to other things. We were then blessed to to welcome his replacement, Pastor Felix Sennitt, who has continued the work of The Lord here at GRCC. We feel so blessed that The Lord has sent us such godly men to lead and guide us over the years, and are now looking forward to what The Lord has in store for our future with Pastor Haydn.

Latest Sermon

18th April 2021
Pastor Felix Sennitt
"Galations Part 10."
Our Address
  • 2 Eddie Avenue
  • Panania NSW 2213
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Coming Events

Tuesday 20/4/2021
7:30 pm
Tuesday Evening Bible Study.
At the church

Wednesday 21/4/2021
10:00 am
Wednesday Morning Bible Study.
At the church

Sunday 25/4/2021
9:00 am
Church Service.
At the church